Janet Jackson returns?

Janet Jackson has only had two movie roles in the last 14 years but she's adding another to her resume. Jackson, who hasn't been seen on screen since 2000's THE NUTTY PROFESSOR 2, has signed on to star in WHY DID I GET MARRIED?, the upcoming film from writer/director Tyler Perry. The film follows a group of young couples who go away every winter and the trouble that ensues when one of the women brings a young, sexy friend. Ohhh snap! Noshedihnt! The film, as you might expect, is based on Perry's stage show of the same name. Perry's last film, DADDY'S LITTLE GIRLS, has grossed just over $25 million to date. Not exactly a killing but considering the film cost only about $5 million to make and will eventually make a killing on DVD, it's not a bad investment for Lionsgate. Perry seems to be doing something right - he just opened up his own film studio in Atlanta. Filming on WHY DID I GET MARRIED? is expected to begin this March or you could just go see I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE, a similarly themed movie starring Chris Rock this March.

Extra Tidbit: Janet, Ms. Jackson if you're nasty, got her start acting on "Good Times."
Source: Variety



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