Japan is making their own Paranormal Activity sequel

I see how it is Japan, you're sick of us ripping you off for horror movie ideas, and so now you're r ipping us off as payback. You think you're too good for our ill-concieved PARANORMAL ACTIVITY sequel and think you need to make your own? Well, screw you guys, as it will actually uh...probably be better than ours.

Yes, because somehow PARANORMAL ACTIVITY was a huge hit in Japan, they're taking the franchise into their own hands with PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: TOKYO NIGHT, as they presumably don't want to wait around for us silly Americans to muck up a sequel. Here's the concept according to ScreenDaily:

The project is a direct continuation of the events of Oren Peli and Jason Blum’s 2007 original and takes place in Japan as a girl who visited San Diego as an exchange student unwittingly brings the evil that haunted Katie Featherston into her family’s house. The film chronicles the young woman’s videotape recordings in their house and the shocking realisation of the supernatural force that her family must defeat.

Wait, it's actually the same evil spirit that haunted the original girl? And it's brought to Japan by a foreign exchange student who just happens to be in San Diego and subsequently their house? And the family decides to videotape the ghost again? That's kind of a far walk to connect the two films, but I'm sure our American sequel is equally stupid in concept. Good luck Japan, I hope you somehow make it worthwhile.

Extra Tidbit: I feel like this isn't the kind of thing that's going to work twice.
Source: ScerenDaily



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