Japanese AVP2 trailer

The more I see anything to do with this film, the more I wonder how Paul Anderson managed to mess AVP up so bad. In fact I wonder how he managed to mess it up at all, since from what I can see of AVP2,

Aliens + Predators + Any hot chick = awesome

Still, here we stand, awaiting this film, just hoping that it's not gonna suck. Following the look we brought you of that bad ass Japanese poster, today we have for you the Japanese AVP: REQUIEM trailer, which you can check out below. There's some new footage, but on the whole, the thing kicks as much ass as its predecessors. I did for the first time, however, notice that when the dude gets jumped by the alien through the window, that it's Reiko Aylesworth in the room with the little girl; how the hell she's gonna escape that is beyond me.

Extra Tidbit: Aylesworth was born in the same hospital as her 24 co-star Carlos Bernard, who plays her husband.
Source: JoBlo.com



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