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Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn to team-up for Insane Laws


Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn are making another film together. This one is for Universal and called INSANE LAWS.

The comedy will be the directorial debut of screenwriter Jeremy Garelick (THE BREAK-UP). Vaughn has been circling the project for a bit now due to his friendship with Garelick stemming back to THE BREAK-UP.

Bateman and Vaughn will play, "longtime best friends, who've shared everything, from college to the time both got married and had kids at the same time. Cut to when those kids are away at college, and, unbeknownst to their parents, falling in love. The best friend relationship is sorely tested when the daughter of Vaughn's character gets pregnant."

Is anyone still genuinely enjoying the hokey buddy comedies? They're okay on a Sunday when you've got nothing else to watch, but they just follow the same formula and are completely predictable. Still love Bateman and Vaughn though.

Source: Deadline



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