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Jason Bateman steals Olivia Wilde from Billy Crudup in The Longest Week


Jason Bateman seems to get quite a few hot ladies in his feature film career. Whether it be Charlize Theron in HANCOCK or Jennifer Aniston in THE SWITCH, Bateman has gotten a chance to film romantic scenes with some of the hottest ladies in Hollywood. After appearing together in THE CHANGE-UP, Bateman will get another change to bed Olivia Wilde in the upcoming THE LONGEST WEEK.

In this new trailer for the romantic comedy, Bateman plays a variation of his typical everyman/borderline douche role of his career. But, in THE LONGEST WEEK, Billy Crudup plays the more Bateman-esque role while Bateman takes on the equivalent of Ryan Reynolds part in THE CHANGE-UP. It seems to be a nice change of pace for the actor in what could be a pretty enjoyable little film.

As he eases into adulthood at the age of forty, Conrad Valmont (Jason Bateman), the over-educated, under-employed heir to the Valmont Hotel fortune, is cut off from his allowance following his parents' abrupt divorce and tossed out into the unforgiving streets of the Upper West Side. Luckily, he is taken in by his old friend Dylan (Billy Crudup), and returns the favor by immediately falling for Dylan's girlfriend Beatrice (Olivia Wilde). As Conrad attempts to woo Beatrice while keeping both their relationship and his bank balance secret, Dylan tries to set him up with Jocelyn (Jenny Slate). Ever committed to the charade that he eventually finds difficult to maintain, Conrad quickly realizes his charm can only extend so far into debt. Now deep into an extensional reflection, will it take losing everything to make Conrad realize what he can truly become?

It still baffles me to this day that Billy Crudup hasn't had a bigger career but he still looks to have the chops to balance against the other actors in this film. I doubt this movie will set the world on fire with but it could be a fun way to spend a few hours.

THE LONGEST WEEK opens on September 5th.

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