Jason Momoa is Conan, and Mickey Rourke is his dad?

It seems that dialing certain chevrons on the Stargate can lead you to the Hyborian Age.

At least that worked for "Stargate Atlantis" actor Jason Momoa, who has reportedly landed the lead in the new CONAN movie (Hey, O'Brien can't hog all the Conan news).

Momoa had been in the running along with TWILIGHT beefstick Kellan Lutz and "Supernatural" co-star Jared Padalecki, but Deadline Hollywood says that "director Marcus Nispel was sold on Momoa, and won over the filmmakers by shooting a few trial scenes that allowed Momoa to wield a sword and behave very Schwarzenegger-like."

Meanwhile, Latino Review says that an offer is out to Mickey Rourke to play the father of everyone's favorite Cimmerian death-machine in the oft-rewritten project that was nearly brought to life by Brett Ratner.

The movie begins production in March, giving Momoa a few weeks to consume tons of protein, hit the weights and work on his sword skills to acceptably portray Robert E. Howard's wandering warrior.

Extra Tidbit: Austrian bodybuilder-turned-actor Roland Kickinger (who body-doubled for the former T-800 in TERMINATOR SALVATION) was previously rumored for the task of replacing the original movies' Austrian bodybuilder-turned-actor.



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