Jason Reitman going back to school with Elliot Allagash

There are only a handful of directors that get my Oscar-sense tingling immediately; Eastwood, Scorcese and Cameron to name a few. But Jason Reitman would seem to have wiggled his way into that list as his last two efforts, JUNO and UP IN THE AIR both scored numerous noms.

Well, another potential Reitman project is in the works, as he’s just acquired the rights to ELLIOT ALLAGASH, a novel by Simon Rich. The plot? From THR:

"Allagash," which offers a satiric take on private schools and the excesses of the rich, centers on Seymour Herson, a boy who is regularly picked on at his private school. He is taken under the wing of the book's title character, a teen who regularly gets drunk and enjoys villainy.

Sounds a bit Gossip Girl/OC-ish, but it could work with someone capable at the helm. With all this high school drama, you have to wonder if Reitman might consider re-teaming with Diablo Cody, who has been reassured by a gold statue that she knows how to convincingly render teenage dialogue, even if half the words in the script don’t actually exist.

It’s no guarantee that Reitman would actually direct just because he has the rights, but he has yet to choose a new project to helm since UP IN THE AIR. Guess we’ll have to see if ALLAGASH is it.

Extra Tidbit: THANK YOU FOR SMOKING is still my favorite effort from him.
Source: THR



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