Jason Statham doing what he does best in new Blitz trailer

Jason Statham is best known for playing an ass kicking criminal in a vareity of films from THE TRANSPORTER to CRANK to THE ITALIAN JOB to SNATCH to THE BANK JOB to DEATH RACE to...do I really need to keep going?

But now with BLITZ he finds himself on the other side of the law, tracking down a serial killer who's murdering London cops. I'm not sure if he's a cop himself or if the job was just outsourced to him, but either way he's putting the hurt on various people in order to find the main man himself, which you can see in this new trailer below.

The film is from Brit director Elliot Lester, and it was actually written by Nathan Parker who did the screenplay for Duncan Jones' MOON. Little bit different material this time around.

Check out the trailer below:

Extra Tidbit: Wow, he really is some kind of criminal in almost every one of his major films. Sometimes a good bad guy, but still. You be the one to tell him he's typecast to his face.
Source: JoBlo.com



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