Jason Winer to helm Arthur remake starring Russell Brand

When the news came around that Russell Brand would be filling the shoes once worn by Dudley Moore in the ARTHUR remake, most of you were appalled. Mainly by the fact that you had to see Brand in another movie.

While the guy isn't exactly too funny when doing his stand-up or hosting the VMA's for MTV (which never plays any videos, so the idea of a music awards show is now pointless), he was funny in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. At least in my own opinion.

Back to the news at hand, THR is reporting that Jason Winer, who I know better as an actor (VAN WILDER) than a director, will be helming the remake. Currently, Winer is directing the ABC series, MODERN FAMILY. So does this increase the chances that you'll want to see this? Probably not, unless you're a fan of FAMILY. I've actually heard it's a pretty decent comedy.

I'm sure I'll give it a watch to see what spin Brand puts on the iconic character. While it might seem easy to play the role of a rich, alcoholic playboy, Moore displayed class as well as charm. I can only hope that we'll get a new song from Christopher Cross.

Extra Tidbit: Who's going to play Linda Marolla in the remake? Liza Minnelli originally played the character in '81.
Source: THR



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