Jaws producer Richard Zanuck talks a 3D re-release

One of my favorite bullshit rumors of the past few years has to be the Tracy Morgan is going to star in a 3D remake of JAWS story from earlier this year. And while the idea of Tracy Morgan taking over for Richard Dreyfuss is patently ridiculous, as it turns out, there might be something to JAWS in 3D.

We all know that JAWS was in 3D for the 1983 campy Dennis Quaid film but what about the original film? The LA Times caught up with legendary JAWS producer Richard Zanuck and asked him about revisiting his 1976 classic. He revealed that he and Spielberg had discussions a few years ago about pulling a George Lucas and going back to the original film and adding in a bunch of modern CG effects. It's a terrible, awful idea and luckily the two decided to leave well enough alone.

But that's not to say the idea of a re-release isn't continuing to tempt Zanuck and Universal. The producer says he's "intrigued" at the possibility of converting JAWS into 3D for a re-release. I don't know if he's talked to Spielberg about this yet but I'm hoping this is just Zanuck thinking out loud here and once he really sits down and thinks about what a disaster this would be, he'll just move on to getting the film a pristine transfer to Blu-ray (something I think we can all agree we'd love to have).

Extra Tidbit: JAWS 3D was originally pitched as an AIRPLANE-style comedy titled JAWS 3, PEOPLE 0.
Source: LA Times



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