Jazzy Joe Carnahan

Joe Carnahan (SMOKIN' ACES) has shrugged off Reese Witherspoon-related complications on BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING and started talking about his upcoming project WHITE JAZZ again. Via his blog, he had the following to say:

"Finished the last draft of the script and it's off to the forces that control its fate. It rocks but I'm worried that it's, at times, a fairly radical break from the book. Understanding that adapting that book straight is like trying to fly a kite in a firefight. What gives the novel it's brilliance is the endless, fevered-dream state."

He also spoke of the legal issues relating to the character of Ed Exley (who Guy Pearce played in LA CONFIDENTIAL):

"...my brother and I were forced to basically construct a doppelganger, giving him all of Exley's traits and speech patterns. We're hoping it works. On paper. It's fantastic."

Finally, the NARC director let us in on a beautiful piece of concept art, which gives us a real feel for the Los Angeles the film is going to take place in. Click HERE for that.
Source: Cinematical



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