JC Superstar Remake

Heyyyyyy! Converto Mundo!

I'm definitely not a musicals fan, but as much as I try to mind-trick the damn genre into oblivion, it's just inevitably back in full force and apparently here to stay for a while. Unless the upcoming Singing-Spidey bombs so bad the world will wake up and realize this was all a really bad dream. And decide to lynch Rob Marshall.

But for now, there's money to be made, and Universal intends to do some more following their successful MAMMA MIA (who knew Meryl could sing?). According to Risky Biz Blog, next up for the studio is JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. After all, the Norman Jewison adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera is already 36 years old. That's like 160 Hollywood years! How on earth could they have waited so long?!?! Is somebody sleeping on the job over there???

There is good news however: the director being approached by Uni for the task would be one Marc Webb, the same who just offered us the most refreshing romance film in a long while with 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. Which helps me care about said remake just a sprinkle-bit more than abso-f*cking-lutely not at all. Any actual musicals fans care to weigh in?

Extra Tidbit: Remember when we were threatened with a Batman musical? I would've paid for THAT. Chris Bale doing the Bat-dance and disco-stomping the Joker? GOD I wanna see that!
Source: Risky Biz



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