Jean-Claude Van Damme had a heart attack?

But don't worry... he's still kicking.

Numerous JCVD followers dropped us a line to inform us of the news, so we're passing it along. Apparently Van Damme recently suffered a "mild" heart attack shortly after arriving in New Orleans to continue work on his pairing with fellow ass-kicker Scott Adkins (UNDISPUTED 3) on the upcoming action flick WEAPON.

The good news is that Van Damme was treated and it sounds like he'll be okay, and should make a full recovery and will complete his scenes at a later date. 

The reports of the 50-year-old "Muscles from Brussels"' health condition seem to have originated at Van Damme Fans, and sifting through their forum posts makes it appear it's not too serious despite some online rumors (JCVD's frequent collaborator Sheldon Lettich dropped by to confirm). That will have to suffice unless/until we hear an official statement from the Van Damme camp.

You can find out more about WEAPON right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Kumite. Kumite. KUMITE!
Source: Van Damme Fan



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