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Jean-Claude Van Damme to become Jean-Claude Van Johnson for Amazon series


Jean-Claude Van Damme is heading to Amazon in order to make fun of himself a bit... and he's looking to land himself a series as a result.

Van Damme is set to front JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON, a comedy pilot that would have the action star playing a version of himself, only this one is also an undercover private contractor in addition to his high-profile Hollywood work. He uses the cover of his films to get his work done, and now he's going to be starring in a reimagined action version of HUCKLEBERRY FINN. Emerging from retirement, this will allow him back into the fake action that pays the bills and the real action that he craves.

THE EXPENDABLES' Dave Callaham will write the script and executive produce, and, if all works out nicely, Amazon may wind up with one Van Damme good concept as a part of their streaming content.

Source: Slashfilm



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