Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Natalie Portman considering edgy fairytale with Brothers Grimm: Snow White?

Jean-Pierre, please stop ogling my wife-to-be. Goddammit, I said stop!

Pajiba is reporting today that French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (MICMACS, A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT) and future wife-o-mine Natalie Portman (THOR, BLACK SWAN) are considering jumping aboard the Relativity Media/Brett Ratner (ew) production of BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE, an "edgy reimagining" of the classic Snow White tale. Does that mean we'll be getting emo dwarfs and a slutty princess in a world of xtreme twisted macabre? While I wouldn't mind the slutty part, I could do without the rest (especially Brett Ratner).

It should be noted, though, that this is all just rumor and talk right now. The film, while purportedly in active development, has not been greenlit. And while perhaps I could see Jeunet taking the reins of such a picture, something tells me Portman wouldn't want a part of this after BLACK SWAN. But, I could be wrong. Is this something you guys would want to see from either of these talents?
Extra Tidbit: Favorite Jeunet film? (Please don't make me cry by saying ALIEN: RESURRECTION. I know one of you will... you bastard!)
Source: Pajiba



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