Jeff Bridges has something on his back in this pic from Tron Legacy

Disney has released a new still from the upcoming TRON: LEGACY.

Thankfully, it isn't another shot of a light cycle. It doesn't bother me, I'd just like to get a shot of something else. Maybe Olivia Wilde bending over to pick up something? Well, since that's not happening, I'm more than happy to take this still of Jeff Bridges.

I'm sort of puzzled by the circular thing on his back. Sort of reminds me of those stick up lights. Maybe someone played a prank and stuck one on his back? Annihilist just informed me that it was an identity disk. (Duh Niki!) Didn't that thing look more like a Simon game in the first one? I'd also like to know what he's pondering. What do you guys think?

Click on the image to enlarge.

Extra Tidbit: Bridges is good friends with Nick Nolte and Gary Busey. Can you imagine their get togethers? Best party ever.
Source: Disney



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