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Jefferson's actor Sherman Hemsley has passed away at age 74


Veteran actor Sherman Hemsley, best known for his role as George Jefferson in The Jefferson's/All In The Family and as Deacon Ernest Frye in Amen, has passed away at the age of 74.

Hemsley left an indelible mark on TV history, with The Jefferson's holding the record as the longest-running sitcom with a predominantly Black cast in the history of American television and making him a cultural icon.

The Jeffersons received 11 Emmy Award nominations during its 10-year run, with Hemsley being nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, each year from 1981 through 1985.  In his later years, Hemsley played a character on the show Dinosaurs and made numerous guest appearances on a wide range of TV shows and movies, often reprising the role of George Jefferson.  A great talent that will be truly missed.


Extra Tidbit: To this day I still find myself singing the opening of the theme song from The Jefferson's, even though I've only seen a handful of episodes in my lifetime.
Source: Indiewire



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