Jenna joins Blades

Jenna Fischer, who plays the cutesy receptionist Pam on NBC's "The Office," has signed on to co-star with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder in BLADES OF GLORY. In the film she'll play the younger sister of rival skater Amy Poehler who falls for Heder's character. With Will Arnett ("Arrested Development") in the cast as well, can this possibly get any funnier? Speaking of funny (and sadly not in the humorous way) have I ever told my embarrassing Jenna Fischer/Comic-Con story? Since they're married and were together, it's pretty much the same as my embarrassing James Gunn/Comic-Con story (yet altogether different than my embarrassing Rachel Weisz/Comic-Con story). It's a long story but basically involves a very drunk me at a party talking to her and James. I wouldn't be embarrassed just being drunk in front of James but Jenna's a babe. They were both really sweet though and I thank them for that. The Rachel Weisz story....well, that's one for a different day. Filming on BLADES OF GLORY is set to begin this March and Fischer will be on hiatus from "The Office" by that time. Jenna also stars in SLITHER, with her husband Gunn directing, which hits theaters this spring.



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