Jennifer Garner and Anna Faris have the Hangover (for girls)

THE HANGOVER was a monster moneymaker, so why not try to repackage and rebottle that lightning with some babes?

THE BACHELORETTE PARTY is just such an attempt to capture the same kind of wild-weekend debauchery, but with the gals raising hell. And now according to Pajiba, those ladies will be Jennifer Garner and Anna Faris.

They describe the story thusly: "A high-school teacher recently left at the altar must now send off her uptight cousin with a huge bachelorette bash. The cousin is marrying the teacher’s best male friend. During a drunken bachelorette party, the uptight cousin betrays her fiance with a drunken indiscretion, leaving the teacher to decide where her loyalties lie."

Yeah! Booze and infidelity! It's like being in the JoBlo office after hours. Or lunch.

The project (not a sequel to the ingenious Hanks film, sadly) has apparently been kicking around for a while, but has resurfaced now for obvious reasons. No director is attached, but Peter Segal (GET SMART, Oscars) is producing.

Extra Tidbit: That pic seems to be Faris pre-duck lips.
Source: Pajiba



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