Jennifer Garner has Chemistry with Jeremy Renner

She's gone from Syndney Bristow to Elektra to that chick who got dicked over by Jason Bateman in JUNO, and now Garner is prepping her next role.

It's in a dramatic thriller called CHEMISTRY which also boasts so-hot-right-now Jeremy Renner as a lead. What's it all about? From THR:

"Chemistry" centers on a small-town pharmacist (Renner) who is stuck in a loveless marriage and rediscovers himself through an affair with a trophy wife (Garner) who introduces him to the pleasures of prescription drugs. Things spin out of control when the affair escalates and the lovers begin plotting to kill the woman's husband.

Sounds like the plot of a half-season arc of Nip/Tuck, but sure, I'll bite with that cast. The film is from first-time directors Geoff Moore and David Posamentier who don't exactly have anything to their name as of yet. But hey, everyone needs a big break, right?

Annnd now for the reason you clicked this article:

Extra Tidbit: She's pretty, but like the same way a statue is pretty. Know what I mean?
Source: THR



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