Jennifer Garner wants to carve with Hugh Jackman in this first look at Butter

Welcome to the ultra competitive world of butter carving!

Entertainment Tonight has a first look at BUTTER, a comedy that focuses on the carving talents of a few midwesterners.

Jill Emmet (Alicia Silverstone) adopts a little girl named Destiny (Yara Shahidi) who discovers that she has a knack for butter carving. She finds some crazed competition in an ambitious local woman named Laura Pickler (Jennifer Garner). Pickler sees her husband's (Ty Burrell) champion carving success as a link to politics and an overall better life, so when he quits she sort of loses it. Hugh Jackman comes into play as a former boyfriend that has the edge Laura needs. Jim Field Smith (SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE) is helming the film with newcomer Jason A. Micallef penning the screenplay.

The film hasn't been on the radar, but looks like it could be something of interest, especially since Olivia Wilde plays a stripper. Yep. A butter carving stripper. As if that wasn't enough hot lady overload, Ashley Greene takes on the role of a rebellious teenager.

Check out the video below. Just to see Wilde in that tiny red tank top and short shorts makes it worth it.

Extra Tidbit: Did I mention that Olivia Wilde plays a stripper?
Source: ET



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