Jenny still working?

Despite finding disappointing returns in almost every project she ventures out on, Jenny McCarthy is still trying her hand at acting. She's signed on to co-star with Larry the Cable Guy in the upcoming comedy WITLESS PROTECTION (Get it? It's funny cause it's like witness protection but witless because he's so stupid. Funny...) If the pairing of Larry the Cable Guy and Jenny McCarthy doesn't make you hark back to classic comic pairings like Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy or Linn-Baker and Pinchot, you're not alone. The film follows a guy who believes he witnesses a kidnapping but it's a staged kidnapping and the...oh, who cares. Does it really matter? If you're the kinda person who likes Larry the Cable Guy, you'll go see this no matter what the plot (and I'm not knocking that - I'd go see a Will Ferrell movie regardless of the plot). Charles Carner is directing WITLESS from his own script. Filming on the Lionsgate comedy is scheduled to begin next month in Chicago.

Extra Tidbit: Jenna Jameson admitted on "The Howard Stern Show" that she and McCarthy had a sexual encounter in a bathroom stall.
Source: Variety



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