Jenny Wright returns

Jenny wright in NEAR DARK

For younger audiences that name means next to nothing, but many of us 80s teen boys remember having a huge crush on Jenny wright when cult-classic NEAR DARK came out. Isn't there a remake of that one under way? Why am I even asking - Of course there is!

The lovely actress is set to come back in front of the camera for the first time in well over a decade with the cool-sounding dark comedy MURDER FOR DUMMYS. The film follows a a married couple who along with a friend try to cover up their running over a trick-or-treater on Halloween night. Things get messy when the friend starts developing a taste for murder following the event.

The indie project is currently in pre-production with intent on releasing in time for Halloween next year. 'cause that's when a Halloween film should be released, around friggin Halloween. As opposed to, say, August.

Extra Tidbit: Jenny's last "big" role was in THE LAWNMOWER MAN in '92. I distinctly remember falling asleep during that one. Any fan of it out there care to tell me how it ends?



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