Jeremy Renner talks about playing Hawkeye in The Avengers

It will be almost two years until we see Marvel's heroes assemble on screen in THE AVENGERS, and that's a long time for sites like JoBlo to scrounge for even the slightest news to report on the project... But fortunately we have people like Jeremy "Loose Lips" Renner throwing us scraps!

While promoting THE TOWN, Renner (who's playing marksman/archer Hawkeye) told MTV about how his costume will deviate from the classic comic outfit. "I think it's going to be a little more reality-based," said Renner. "You can kind of tell with Scarlett [Johansson]'s character [Black Widow], it's going to be more of a uniform... and not a big purple, comics sort of thing. That's why I think it's more palatable to audiences — there's almost a sense of reality to these superheroes."

As we've suspected, it sounds like Hawkeye will be closer to the cool Ultimates version of the costume -- which makes sense, since that's also the Nick Fury we already got. And it seems like a similar pairing with Widow, as Renner says: "We will [have a relationship], I think, in this one as well. We're kind of a team, and what that relationship is, is still to be discovered."

We've still got plenty of time to speculate -- director Joss Whedon is still working on the script, and shooting doesn't start until next year. And then it's just a whole lot of months before it hits theaters!

Extra Tidbit: Wonder if we'll get an AVENGERS tease at next summer's Comic Con?
Source: MTV



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