Jerry Bruckheimer is still hopeful that a Top Gun sequel will get off the ground

Today we got word that Jerry Bruckheimer was splitting from Disney after a long prosperous relationship. Now it seems like there's one property that the producer was attached to that people are still curious about-- a sequel to 1986's TOP GUN.

Not that long ago, the stars had finally aligned for the project. Tom Cruise was on, Tony Scott was location scouting, and Bruckheimer was back on as producer. Sadly last Fall Scott suddenly passed away and everything just sort of fell apart. So what is the fate of the film now? Is there a possibility that it can still happen?

Bruckheimer said this in an interview with the LA Times:

“Gosh, I hope so. What was the original, more than 25 years ago? I’m still trying to get it off the ground.”

Bruckheimer said that there was still work being done on the script which was last in the hands of THE TOWN's Peter Craig. At one point, the film was said to be "focusing on the use of drones in modern warfare".

There's no clear future for TOP GUN 2 but those looking to dive into the 80s might have to look forward to the BEVERLY HILLS COP sequel.

Source: LA Times



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