Jesse Eisenberg reteams with Zombieland director

Jesse Eisenberg is back working with ZOMBIELAND director Ruben Fleischer but it's not on the oft-mentioned ZOMBIELAND 3D. Instead Eisenberg has signed on to co-star in 30 MINUTES OR LESS, the upcoming action-comedy that Fleischer is directing for producer Ben Stiller. Eisenberg will star as a pizza delivery guy who, along with his best friend, a junior high teacher (Ansari), are forced by a bunch of criminals (Danny McBride, Michael Pena and Nick Swardson) to rob a bank.

Fleischer seemingly had his pick of projects to choose from after ZOMBIELAND became a breakout hit but instead of working on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 with Tom Cruise or the ZOMBIELAND sequel, he sparked to the hot script for 30 MINUTES from writers Michael Dillberti and Matthew Sullivan.

While Eisenberg has a stretch of dramatic films this year including HOLY ROLLERS, SOLITARY MAN and David Fincher's THE SOCIAL NETWORK, 30 MINUTES will mark a return to comedy. Filming on 30 MINUTES is set to begin this summer after Ansari wraps his role as host of the MTV Movie Awards.

Extra Tidbit: I love Aziz but I hope he doesn't get typecast as the preppy-dressed, hip-hop obsessed dude.
Source: THR



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