Jessica Biel is Lone Scherfig's Mob Girl

Jessica Biel is constantly fighting against her disability of being insanely hot in order to be taken seriously as an actress. Some others have beaten this disease (Rachel McAdams, Keira Knightley), some are still waging war (Scarlett Johansson) and some have lost the battle completely (Jessica Alba).

But it appears Biel is on the upswing, as in addition to appearing in THE A-TEAM this year, according to Pajiba she’s just signed on to produce and star in MOB GIRL, based on the true story of a mafia mistress, Arlyne Brickman, who was raped and beaten by mob members and then infiltrated the group and collected evidence for the state to put them away.

This sounds interesting enough as is, but the project got an additional shot in the arm as Lone Scherfig has signed on to direct the film. Her last film, AN EDUCATION has made her quite hot shit in Hollywood, so for Biel to land her for this project is pretty impressive. Scherfig is also set to direct ONE DAY, an Anne Hathaway rom-com that will probably get made first, but will likely start MOB GIRL soon after.

It’s your big chance Jessica, don’t blow it!

Extra Tidbit: The best piece of trivia on her IMDB page? "Her last name rhymes with 'Deal'"
Source: Pajiba



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