Jet Li returns to ass-kicking with director Tsui Hark -- in 3D?

A few years back, diminutive facebreaker Jet Li supposedly said he was retiring from action movies (or at least the period/wuxia subset). Fortunately, he obviously didn't mean it.

Now the Wushu whirlwind is reportedly reuniting with his ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA collaborator Tsui Hark for some old-school kung fu with NEW DRAGON GATE INN, an update of the 1992 martial arts classic that featured Donnie Yen and Tony Leung Ka Fai.

The remake will be shot in 3D and will feature Li as Ming Dynasty General Chow Wai-On, who fights the power-hungry eunuch Tsao Siu-Yan at a deserted inn called Dragon Gate. Li is pocketing $12 million for his headcracking skills.

Tsui, who has been directing and producing Hong Kong movies for decades (A BETTER TOMORROW 1-3, TIME & TIDE, ZU WARRIORS FROM THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN, TWIN DRAGONS, A CHINESE GHOST STORY, etc.), may be better known to US audiences for his goofy Jean-Claude Van Damme flicks DOUBLE TEAM and KNOCK OFF.

Li will next be seen in THE EXPENDABLES, and a straight Hong Kong family drama called OCEAN'S PARADISE.

Extra Tidbit: Li and Hark supposedly haven't worked together directly after some "creative differences" on the third ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA movie back in the early 90s.
Source: CriEnglish



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