JFK for Paxton?

Is there any question over which character comes to mind when I think of Bill Paxton? I'll give you a hint, he doesn't score much. In fact he's got a really small dick, it's pathetic. Schwarzenegger also daydreams about dropping the hurt on him. Well now, that same Bill Paxton is looking to get a project about President Kennedy off the ground. There's not much word as to what kind of take the movie would be, just that it's Paxton's dream project and he's in the early stages of putting it together.

If you're interested in what else he has to say about the project, about his new SBS series BIG LOVE (where he has 3 wives!) or the Walter Hill flick TRESPASS, then head on over to Moviehole and check out their interview.

I'm a big fan of Oliver Stone's JFK (Gary Oldman's in it so you have to like it by default), but as a history student I'm always welcoming another person's interpretation of the guy, so roll on!
Extra Tidbit: Paxton actually attended the same high school that Lee Harvey Oswald did.
Source: Moviehole



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