Jim Carrey may sing other people's songs in the comedy Under Cover

We've seen/heard rubbery funnyguy Jim Carrey break into song on numerous occasions, but never when it was significant to an entire movie's plot. Until now, maybe.

According to Pajiba, Carrey currently faces that opportunity. He's in talks to star in UNDER COVER, about "a recently divorced father of two who joins a youthful cover band so he can earn enough money to win his custody battle against his ex-wife."

Carrey has been considering several projects but hasn't been on screen since YES MAN (unless you count his digitized likeness in A CHRISTMAS CAROL) -- his perpetually delayed drama I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS is supposedly getting a release in October.

Not a lot of other info on UNDER COVER is available, but the movie comes from TWILIGHT house Summit and the script is by Amy Talkington (currently pecking at remakes of PRIVATE BENJAMIN and VALLEY GIRL).

So, 100 minutes of this:

Extra Tidbit: THE NUMBER 23 would have been so much more entertaining as a musical.
Source: Pajiba



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