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JJ Abrams' Klingons


The DVD release of STAR TREK is almost upon us (Nov. 17th), and what better way to celebrate it than a rather important deleted scene from the film, brought to you by Spike TV.

It’s the Klingon interrogation of Eric Bana’s Nero, which was hinted at, but never shown in the film. As you can see above, we get our first look at what Klingons look like in Abrams-world, and I actually really dig their execution masks. Also, we get to see where the hell that scene went where Nero says “The wait is over,” which showed up in the trailer, but not in the actual movie.

I can see why they cut the scene, as it seems a bit out of place from the rest of the film, but I look forward to presumably seeing more of the Klingons in the forthcoming sequel.

Extra Tidbit: There's quite a lot of Predator in the Klingons, no?
Source: Spike TV



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