J.J. Abrams says Star Trek sequel is going Gorn

The STAR TREK sequel is all about the Gorn according to J.J. Abrams.

MTV spoke with Abrams who said, "I have to admit the ['Star Trek' sequel] is really all about the Gorn."

Whether you call yourself a "trekkie" or "trekker", you should be pretty well acquainted with the Gorn race. For those who aren't, the Gorn are a cold blooded, reptilian species and they can kick some humanoid ass. I'm not a Trek expert, but the reptiles do brew the finest Meridor in the five star systems, or at least that's what Harrad-Sar says.

Abrams kept joking about the Gorn, "We just thought it would be fun... to go Gorn.

Then he gave few details on the STAR TREK sequel, "Yes, we have some ideas about that. But it is obviously in the very early stages so it's not something that... we can point to."

He also said that they were working on something right now for the CLOVERFIELD sequel, but that it was also in the very early stages. I'm actually wondering what they have in mind for the next film.

At the end of the interview, Abrams had one last joke, "I can't believe you didn't go for 'Children of the Gorn'." I would have went for it.

Extra Tidbit: This is a better idea of what the Gorn will actually look like.



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