JJ Abrams spins the bottle to find 7 Minutes in Heaven

I'll be honest: I never played "7 Minutes in Heaven" as a kid. I think I was just a little too nerdy for that. ("Seven minutes in heaven?? Is there a Super Nintendo in there?!") I may have played "Spin the Bottle" once but if I remember correctly it ended with just a rather clammy handshake. So my experiences were a little on the boring side but JJ Abrams has a much more exciting spin on the smooching games. He and frequent "Lost" director Jack Bender are developing 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN, which would follow two kids who retire to a closet to make out and exit to find all their friends dead.

Abrams, Bender and Bad Robot are currently developing the thriller and are looking for a writer to fully develop the concept. The concept is based on an original idea by Bender who brought it to Abrams. While Bad Robot is developing the project in-house, it's highly likely it will be set up at Paramount where almost all Abrams films wind up.

Both Abrams and Bender are working on their next directorial gigs with the former prepping SUPER 8 and the latter developing the next installment in the Jack Ryan franchise (which has nothing to do with Abrams or Bad Robot).

SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN was also the name of a 1985 movie starring Jennifer Connelly though that was more of a coming-of-age SAY ANYTHING-style comedy/drama.

Extra Tidbit: Does anyone want to hear my supernatural pitch for a movie based on "7-Up?" No?...
Source: THR



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