JJ is Hot for Teacher

Unhappy with just trying to be the new George Lucas, JJ Abrams has his sights set on Judd Apatow. Branching out from his recent sci-fi/action oeuvre, Abrams has picked up the spec script HOT FOR TEACHER to produce at Paramount. The film is described as a SUPERBAD-like comedy that follows a high school senior who makes it his mission to have sex with his teacher before he graduates. Why did I never have a teacher worthy of such a quest? I had Estelle Getty for a teacher and these kids today get Monica Bellucci. One would hope that Abrams and his crew would get Van Halen to sign off on having their classic ditty featured in the film somewhere ("I don't feel tardy!.."). The script was written by Jay Dyer, a former showrunner on "Andy Richter Controls The Universe," one of the best canceled TV comedies in recent memory. Abrams is currently doing something with STAR TREK but God only knows what it is (can we get a new trailer already?). He's also working on a new sci-fi TV series for Fox titled "Fringe" that maybe (just maybe) might be the resurrection of Joshua "Pacey" Jackson.

Extra Tidbit: For the motorcycle enging effect at the beginning, Alex Van Halen strung together 4 bass drums.



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