JLA: Dead heroes?

As we already learned last month, the live-action JUSTICE LEAGUE movie was officially put in a holding pattern until after the (now-resolved) writers strike so the script could revised or completely rewritten.

Oddly, Blockbuster Down Under recently got the following synopsis, which seems significantly different from what was previously reported about the plot: The film is about Green Lantern, Green Arrow and others of the Justice League of America, an organisation made up of the world's greatest superheroes. They must deal with the expulsion of Batman and the death of Superman at the hands of the monstrous Doomsday.

I'm not sure if this is misdirection, speculation or something slapped together by someone who doesn't really know what's going on. It would somewhat circumvent fan concern as to how the movie might handle the two main existing franchise characters (and the original script supposedly opened with a superhero's funeral, just not Kal-El's), but it seems highly suspect. Whatever the case, we won't know unless/until the project actually starts moving forward again, but at the very least we shouldn't expect to see it in theaters until 2010 at the earliest.
Extra Tidbit: Green Arrow (sans costume) is the main character in the supervillain prison script SUPER MAX. Which will probably also never get made.
Source: Blockbuster.au



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