JLA is dying

I hate reporting on JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA news because let's face it, the jokes write themselves. I prefer it when I really have to squeeze a quip out of a topic. Thankfully though, this time it looks like the joke might be on George Miller and the rest of the (presumably) MTV dudes who thought casting a bunch of kids to play timeless superheroes was a doozy of an idea. Apparently Wednesday is when Warner Bros. will decide to either let the movie carry on, or to peace it out. And yeah, it will probably be the latter. Miller is stepping on the huge, awesome and surprisingly well groomed toes of Christopher Nolan's Batman films, we've heard several times that no one is happy with the script, and lest we forget, the cast is f*cking horrible. Still, we should remain on threat level delta, since if there's one thing I've learned since I started working here, it's that Hollywood and the universe will never cease to amaze everyone. So even though it looks like the project is about to get canned, don't be too surprised if it isn't.
Extra Tidbit: May Common as the Green Lantern be the only thing to come out of this debacle.
Source: CHUD



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