JLA official news

This evening brings the official announcement of what has been the assumption on movies sites for weeks: George Miller (HAPPY FEET, THE ROAD WARRIOR) will direct the big-screen JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.

Variety confirms much of what has been speculated about the project recently, like it's a pre-strike priority at Warner Bros. (for a summer 2009 release) and that casting should commence soon, with new actors filling out the supertights despite current franchises. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern are expected to be team members, and the flick will be an FX-filled live-action extravaganza (and not fully CGI, as rumored).

According to buzz, the heroes will face villain Maxwell Lord and an army of OMAC robots, or something (I was always more of a Marvel guy and only read some of Grant Morrison's JLA run, so I don't know how cool that premise sounds). Warner Bros. owns the whole stable of DC Comics characters, so they can do whatever they want anyway. Like make a really lousy CATWOMAN movie.
Extra Tidbit: Miller produced and shot second unit on the boat thriller DEAD CALM. Maybe he can get a part for Billy Zane in his JL movie.
Source: Variety



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