JLA set for '09

Despite my hopes and wishes that the writer's strike would put an end to WB's plans for the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, word comes today that the studio is moving full steam ahead in preparation for a 2009 release. The film was put on indefinite hold in January when it was clear the script wasn't ready. Now the writers - Kieran and Michele Mulroney - are hard at work polishing the script and the cast has been told to continue their superhero training. Perhaps the biggest question is whether the Mulroneys are writing out Batman and Superman as was widely rumored during the down time. Director George Miller is continuing pre-production in Australia although word is that the film may move to Canada to save some money. The cast that was rumored back before the project hit delays included Adam Brody (Flash), Common (Green Lantern), Megan Gale (Wonder Woman) and Armie Hammer (Batman). The JUSTICE LEAGUE movie would be a much easier pill to swallow for me if Batman and Superman were NOT included. You already have a successful Batman franchise with Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan who have been vocal with their displeasure at the possibility of a JUSTICE LEAGUE film. The studio is looking to get a project ready for 2009 as their summer tentpole projects include only TERMINATOR: SALVATION.

Extra Tidbit: Kieran Mulroney is a character actor who has appeared in episodes of "Seinfeld," "NYPD Blue" and "Nash Bridges."
Source: Variety



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