JLA spoilers?!

So by now I'm sure you heard the news that Jessica Biel is in talks to star as Wonder Woman in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. But if you can get past your Biel-in-red-tights induced geekgasm for just one second, there is some more sweet JLA goodness to throw your way. Pat Sauriol, he of the once mighty Coming Attractions, has posted some story spoilers on the UGO blog. Now I hate to be repetitive but these ARE spoilers so proceed with caution. One of the big things we learn is that Aquaman, once again, is the black sheep of the JLA and isn't included in the movie. Why don't you go talk to some fish! Second, Biel's Wonder Woman is described as being Angelina Jolie, but a superhero. Think beautiful, famous and a world class humanitarian. Third, a piece of technology Batman has created serves as the plot device that moves the drama forward. What is this device? What does it do? What is this big plot twist we're hearing about? To say more now would really be spoiling and taking away from Patrick's scoop. To find out more, you'll just have to click here to be transported to his Movie Blog to find out more.

Extra Tidbit: Pat was once featured in a pictorial in Vanity Fair magazine.
Source: UGO Movie Blog



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