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JLA: The Movie?!


That high-pitched sound you heard this morning was a nation of fanboys collectively squealing in delight at the news, announced in Variety this morning, of a planned JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. Warner Bros. has hired writers Kiernan and Michele Mulroney to write a script that would focus on the Justice League of America. WB wouldn't confirm which heroes would be involved but Variety speculates they are not second-tier characters. How though do you secure deals with Brandon Routh and Christian Bale to star as Superman and Batman respectively? And do Bryan Singer and Christopher Nolan have any say of their vision of the characters? Not to mention the in-development WONDER WOMAN and FLASH movies. It's a complex matter but those questions apparently aren't being asked yet. Right now it's, "let's get a script and see where we stand after that." This is WB's second try at getting a superhero crossover film made after the failed BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN project. The studio brought the Mulroneys aboard after their work rewriting the MR. AND MRS. SMITH script (which also got the writing duo in tight with Brad Pitt). OK, now it's time for some feedback. Excited? Cautiously optimistic? Doubtful something of this scale could ever be pulled off?

Extra Tidbit: Kiernan Mulroney is the brother of actor Dermot Mulroney.
Source: Variety



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