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After a week or so JLA-free, it's time to get back on everyone's favourite superhero movie. Be honest, you've missed those days of wild conjecture and horrible casting decisions. You've daydreamed about what it would be like if people from The OC could fly and fight crime. Well today we have an announcement that might shock you to your very core, not because it is awesome, but simply because it isn't at first sight, offensive or borderline sacrilegious. If the mighty AICN are to believed, Hugh Keays-Byrne will be playing Martian Manhunter in JUSTICE LEAGUE MORTAL. Wait, what? Oh yeah, that's right apparently the film is now called JUSTICE LEAGUE MORTAL. Or JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL. Although don't get that tattooed on your chest just yet, since by my count I think that's the fourth title change thus far (on a film that hasn't even finished casting yet). Now, Hugh Keays-Byrne? I know what you're thinking, James Thoo is ridiculously good-looking. But what you also might be thinking, is who the hell is this guy? Well, he worked with JLM director George Miller on MAD MAX, where he played 'Toecutter', and after that he made a couple of appearances on TV's Farscape. He ain't exactly Christian Bale, but at least he ain't the newscaster kid from One Tree Hill.
Extra Tidbit: Apparently there is a reason for the title being 'MORTAL'. Feel free to speculate!
Source: AICN



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