Joaquin Raps! WTF!?!

Uhh okay pardon me if this doesn't make any sense but I just did a whole lot of LSD and drank 3 gallons of Tide, so I may not be thinking straight.

We all know that Joaquin Phoenix quit the acting biz, and we all saw those photos of him recently that have us thinking that man is stark, raving mad. But did we all know that dude is cutting a rap record? And that P Diddy is producing it? And that his first performance is in a few days in Las Vegas? Is this real, or is this the Tide taking effect? Please tell me it's the Tide.

Joaquin's good buddy Casey Affleck is intent on proving that all this is actually going down, and has decided to document it with a camera--an endeavor that will eventually lead to a documentary, that will eventually lead to a standing ovation at Sundance, that will finally lead to Phoenix winning the second posthumous Oscar in as many years (Go Heath!).

Hey Casey: You're a bad friend.

Extra Tidbit: Joaquin was originally rumoured to play Biggie in the new film NOTORIOUS, but eventually lost the role to Gravy.
Source: THR



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