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While a large part of my job is spent hovering behind the warm glow of a computer screen, every so often I get unshackled from this ungodly machine and jetset to somewhere cool and interesting. So, when you're invited to check out the Cuban locales used for THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS it's a welcome respite from the day-to-day and a unique opportunity in itself (as well as a great time to mingle with friends and peers). In promoting the blu-ray/DVD/digital release of the film, Universal Home Video dropped us in a time machine and took us to the sunny island that's famous for rum, cigars and college dorm posters of that guy in a beret.

In the below video you can get a taste of the sights and sounds of Cuba, while we (myself and other journalists from around the world) visited a number of sites used during filming for THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, the first American production to hit their shores in over 60 years. During the trip, I talked to some of the production crew as well as Tyrese Gibson, while sampling the local flavors (yes, including rum and cigars) and taking in the surreal world that is Havana, Cuba. It truly was an amazing experience and, if anything, I hope it gives you at least a small pictures into the otherworldly experience that it was. So, light up a cigar and pour some rum and join me on a cruise through Cuba for THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS.

And, because sometimes a picture will do, here's a gallery of some of the more memorable moments from the trip:

A room with a view...

Pretty much every cab in the city looks something like this...

At the transportation hub in Havana where the opening F8 race began...

La Bodeguita Del Medio - Home of Hemingway's Cuba Libre (and yet, we are drinking beer)

Someone once told me these two things were very popular in Cuba...

Lisandra Delgado, AKA the "flag girl" from the opening race in Cuba. NBD ;)


One of the local favorite foods - Cuban Paella...

Ride or Die time in a classic car. Actually, we only went about 50-60 MPH and no nitro. Still cool.

I went with the Ford Fairlane, because Andrew Dyce Clay. Made sense at the time.

Me and Tyrese. We boys now. You can tell by the hand signals.

Smuggled this guy into the country. Don't know how we got past customs...

Hemingway's Daiquiri at one of his favorite watering holes, El Floridita.

Catching some sun by the pool before heading back to the Estados Unidos...

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