JoBlo does sci-fi!!

What's the use of running a pretty popular movie fansite if you can't plug your own little adventures in the world of cinema and those of your friends, right? Right?? Seriously though, here's the first trailer for a rockin' sci-fi sequel entitled RECON 2022: THE MEZZO INCIDENT, directed by the same man who directed the Arrow's flick, DEADEN, Christian Viel, and co-written by John Fallon (aka the Arrow) himself. The film places a group of Space Marines who are sent out on a suicide mission on the the icy planet of Mezzo where they encounter some f*cked up Borgs, giant worms, peeved off aliens and a slew of threatening oddities.

And yes, *I* had yet another cameo in the film, this time as a marine (with one-line) who gets chomped up by one of them giants worms (My character's name? JoBlo. Natch!). Fun times. Needless to say, the film isn't trying to be CHILDREN OF MEN or 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, but should be a rollickin' good time for anyone who enjoys their sci-fi fun, bloody and sexy (yes, nakedness does ensue). Anyway, you can check out the film's trailer below and prepare yourself to be assaulted by the movie at a variety of film festivals near you soon. You can check out the film's official site HERE and keep a close eye out for our very own Mr. Fallon as a "Cyber Merc", whatever the f*ck that means (click HERE to see him getting his spine installed).

Extra Tidbit: According to the IMDB, John Fallon is a "horror movie aficionado". I guess that would help as he runs one of the top horror sites on the Net!!!
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