JoBlo gets whacked!

This past Saturday was the North American premiere of DEADEN and it was a doubly-great night for me because it meant that I can let myself out of the house after midnight (kinda like a Gremlin, which to this day, my sister calls me -- don't ask, long story). Thanks to all those who came out, by the way. My own feelings were that the film played even better (for me) the second time on the big screen, although the opening scene is still not entirely my cup o' piss. Granted, I'm about as biased as it gets, but I had a blast watching the movie from a "fan" of exploitation movies' point of view. Cool shite.

John Fallon aka The Arrow discusses his feelings about the screening right HERE (he wrote, co-produced and stars in the film) and also shares some pictures of the evening with his readers -- for any JoBlo.com-give-a-f*ckers, a pic of myself squeezed into a Ben Barna / Tim Goernert sandwich -- first time that I meet either of these dudes and they were as cool as expected and thankfully, happy to share some drinks and then some more and more and more. Woulda loved to have shared another drink with those slick heavy-metallers from Dread Central, but alas, my penis is only so tiny.

Oh, and seeing as some of you may be wondering why this story is titled as such, it's because I have a small cameo in DEADEN and seeing as I've been receiving thousands upon thousands of emails from you good folk begging to see my acting debut (as God is my witness, not one person has ever emailed me about this), I thought I would video bootleg that scene from the film for you today here on JoBlo.com (it happens near the end of the movie, as you might guess and do as JoBlo say, kids...not as JoBlo do).

If I don't get at least an honorary GOLDEN SCHMOE at the end of the year for Best Supporting Actor, Coolest Character or Breakthrough Performance of the Year, my life might not be worth living any further. Either way, scroll further down below, click on play and enjoy the wonder that is my motion picture debut as the "Man named Joe" (listen closely and you can actually hear me laughing in the background upon my demise). If any other directors want to kill me in their films, drop me a line, man. Whoops, SPOILER ALERT!!!

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