Wow. Thanks to everyone for all of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from last week's show#1. I'm kinda scared now though (I can feel the pressure to repeat!), but hopefully we're up to the challenge, although just so you know, almost everyone in this video is in a city of their own, self-shooting and writing their own stuff, while the great Johnny Moreno puts it all together from Chi-town, USA. We also have about zero dollars behind the show and all of our own flimsy personal equipment, so imagine if we actually all got together one day and somebody actually gave us money!? That would be sweet. But enough about us, let's get right to show numero due! This week's episode includes:
  • The Arrow's first appearance with his segment entitled ARROW SPITS ON YOUR GRAVE (but of course!)

  • JimmyO's early review of EAGLE EYE (opening next Friday), as well as the Coens' BURN AFTER READING

  • Jenny's first appearance on the show from beautiful New Yawk City with her segment callec THE CELEBRITY MINUTE.

  • I'm also back with 2 alternate choices for "stoner flicks", Mike Sampson has a word or two to say to Steve Carell, not to mention our HOTTIE OF THE WEEK (clue: she has an Italian last name) as well as our HERO & VILLAIN OF THE WEEK (one is a film critic, the other, an organization)

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