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JoBlo Movie Show #24


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After our SUMMER PREVIEW episode and the extremely well-received FIGHT CLUB show the last time around (we even got a mention on Chuck Palahniuk's official fansite, nice!), we're back on schedule with the latest episode of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW featuring a ton of coolness including...

  • The FIVE SPOT featuring the TOP 5 "BAD DRUNK" MOMENTS including OLD SCHOOL, BAD SANTA, SIXTEEN CANDLES and others...

  • Our latest edition of GEEK STUFF featuring Jenna checking out a bunch of cool-ass TRANSFORMERS toys including something called the "Bumblebee voice-mixer" mask. Keeeeeewwwwl....

  • The Justin Long beef!! Find out out why actor Justin Long has a problem with our very own editor-in-chief Mike Sampson (ironically, both guys are down-to-earth easy-going dudes)

  • Snippets from interviews that we got at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS including Ron Perlman, Kirsten Bell, Bruno, hot chicks and more....

  • See part of our very own video tribute to one of the best sci-fi movies of all-time: ALIEN!

  • The latest DVD releases in the DVD INJECTION, as well as Jason's always-fun "awful clip" in which one man tells Dolph Lundgren that he has a giant cock. Seriously...

  • The return of the HOTTIE OF THE WEEK!! (Clue: She was born in the f*ckin' Ukraine, yo)

  • Our very own JimmyO reviews THE HANGOVER and LAND OF THE LOST and massacres one of them!!



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