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JoBlo Movie Show #29


The summer season is wrapping up. The pools are gonna be closing soon, the blockbusters will not be as dominant as during the last 3 months and my girlfriend's finally gonna stop busting my balls about going for "walks in the park" (at least I hope so). The latest edition of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW pays some homage to one of our favorite writer/directors of all-time John Hughes, but also mixes it up with plenty of summertime fun including...

NOTE: This show contains NUDITY, NSFW!!

The Five Spot:
Top 5 Pool scenes

Moreno checks out the top of the Sears tower in Chicago (a la FERRIS BUELLER)

The Arrow Spits on your Grave:
Top 3 favorite hockey movies

The Celebrity Minute:
Our fave John Hughes' hotties

DVD Injection:
This week's top DVD releases &
the "awful clip of the week"

Geek Stuff:
G.I. Joe Toys!!

The 'Stache Sez reviews:
Inglourious Basterds & Extract

Our John Hughes video tribute

...and more!!

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