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JoBlo Movie Show #32


Last year's HALLOWEEN JOBLO MOVIE SHOW was one of my absolute favorites ever (if you haven't seen it yet, CLICK HERE!), so we were hoping for similar results this time around and everyone on the crew was ready to make that happen. Scroll on down to see all of the cool horror fun we've managed to jam-pack into one of our longest episodes ever and remember kids...the show is NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK), so be careful before watching it in front of your asshole boss. Happy Hallo's weekend, folks!!

The Arrow Spits on your Grave:
How to Celebrate Halloween! presents...
The Top 5 hottest female horror victims

Geek Stuff:
Halloween-themed beverages & comic books

The Trailer Park:
Toy Story 3, The Wolfman, Until the Light Takes Us

DVD Injection:
Latest releases & Awfully Good clip!

The Stache Sez reviews
Paranormal Activity, Saw 6, House of the Devil

The Celebrity Minute:
Favorite costumed movie hotties

The Five Spot:
Top 5 Flicks for Halloween

With special appearances by...
Bat-Dog Moreno as John Fallon

And more...

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