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JoBlo Movie Show #33



Another month, another JOBLO MOVIE SHOW, baby! After last month's hugely successful HALLOWEEN show (it's because of the boobies, isn't it?), we're back for our longest show ever (clocking in at close to 30 minutes, which is almost as long as those shitty Hollywood parody movies) featuring plenty of THANKSGIVING movie fun, as well as different tributes for the original THE MATRIX movie, which was released 10 years ago...

This episode also features the return of the ever-popular GUESS THE BOOBIES segment, a new segment called HOTTIE OF THE MONTH (seeing a pattern here...must...stop....) and a little movie nudity, so remember that it's NSFW, kids! Here's what's in store this month!

Guess the Boobies!!

The Stache Sez reviews...
New Moon and The Princess and the Frog

The Matrix Tribute video

DVD Injection & Awfully Good Clip (The Room)

The Trailer Park:
The Tooth Fairy, Remember Me, Season of the Witch

The Five Spot:
Top 5 Other Keanu Reeves roles

Hottie of the Month!!

The Arrow Spits on your Grave:
Ammon asks for a day off for Thanksgiving?

And more...

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